This past weekend there was a bunch of shit going on. The weather was nice, and lots of people busting out their cars to cruise. But here are some of the highlights from ILL Photo.

Mobs of people fighting for the Bride Vios III raffle. Our buddy Matt won it for $5.00. COOL!

This dude came through, we cleaned him out.

NICE club

Hes out for dead presidents to represent him.

CJ's FG.

Yolo Bros Fit.

Classic alpine white 5 Series x BBS

Rare? 510. These guys are always stored in garages, and barely seen on the street.

This young lady rolled up like a G...

Clean & tidy KP61 Starlet from MPH.

This truck was so ill. Its a VW Caddy with K20 swap with WORK Equip 03s.

Matt's LS13. Getting a tune up inside the TFWorks alignment rack

Grip Gambler x Risky Devil - RUCKUS Street Boppers?
The stretch, slammed teal one is owned by Nick from GT Motoring, GY6 150cc swap!

Dustins drift prepped FC. Hes got a serious 500hp LS series motor. GP Sports aero, Garage. BB GT Wing, D-MAX Carbon hood, and Powered by MAX knuckle kit.Painless wiring was done by TFWorks, so he stopped by to say wassup

Oscars S2000 slammed on some BBS RS

Grip Gambler 86. Need I say more?

When 3L isn't making beats, or playing video games. He comes out once in a while in his kouki onevia. Low power - high speed side brake is his thing.

Mark's S13 vert. 50% of this car was built using Nascar oversized crap from Summit catalog.

Grip Gambler Kouki Z31
TBO front bumper, stub nose rear bumper , re barreled Panasport C8s , ZG-Flares and totally done up F16 interior panel with random gizmo switches, and flare dispensers.

TFWorks time attack|drift S14 Kouki
Origin Stylish [Modified] with Origin under splitters/1755mm GT wing

Mercury silver TE37s

Touge Factory CIMA.
V:S Version II Aero x AIR RUNNER x SSR Vienna LM-9 Moderno


RISKY DEVIL FC3S - M Sports x Work VS Edition
Peep the lips!