Sir Andrew Jackson III got his yacht together and running.
I'm sure you guys know hes running a 2JZ-GE N/A Block-Turbo

Good things to come, more cool stuff to look forward to

Keep posted!

Mass Text Meet - 06.04.09

Ahh.. Chicago text meets by yours truely, RISKY DEVIL.
If your ever in the area and wanna come kick it, shoot us an email


Quick question for you guys...

WHY do 1Js with ext. dump, sound so AWESOME?


new 3L tracks hot off the press

3L - Origins from Mr.3LLL Prescott on Vimeo.

3L - Smoke from Mr.3LLL Prescott on Vimeo.


REDLINE Time Attack - Joliet, IL - AutoBahn

June 20th/21st.
Go see Earls Green Machine, and Charlie from TOPSETUP beat the clock.


Check out HELMSTARRs blog, its RX-7 month!

Circuit, Drift or Zero-yon be sure to swing by and check out some
of the rare scans.




MPH BBQ - Round II

So Matt, the dude with the LS1-S13 invited us to come out to kick it in the sun, and grill some food at his friends shop. Chicago also has alot of Honda heads, We here at riskydevil don't discriminate. You bring the dope shit, we post it.

KEWL PIX from the meet!

Chob & Tomasz always making neck breakin roll ups

I've asked Chob about like 10 times what color his paint is, and he keeps giving me like a crazy numerical code. Clearly its 3 stage metallic red, but I like how the sun gleams down in this shot to give it a "MAGICIAN JZX110" metallic pink burst. Of course without their patented gangsta ass dime-size flake.

2MUCH WILD KOLORS goin on right now

N S X.

Gabe seems to always roll up with bikes. I think hes some kind of rebel leader in some small country...
Possibly the Pricipality of Sealand?

GT Motoring x SEEN IT! crew
CE28n Fever.
F20 x K24

NT03 +M in aggressive sizing is just great. I love that wheel.

YUTA! AMS 30R powered CT9A.
This car is going through some major changes in aero. Updates soon


Kevin rolled up in his MR-S sitting on RPF-1s. Clean look.
More people should get serious into modding these.

CRAZUKnights crew

Jay from ETHIKS.

Super CLEAN KP60 Starlet with a 16v

Alot of people showed up. Good times.
Nothing better than taking the day off, and relaxing with homies.

Oh Yea. He showed up.


I see the light?

Random photo from a recent Vago's meet.
I have no idea whats going on, but hey it looks like fun.

Anyways, if your in the Des Plaines area and you want to get stuffed by some bomb ass gyro, and greek food... check them out!

851 W. Oakton St.
Des Plaines, IL 60018

Red Mark of III

No Aero. Street JZA70 owned by our friend Jason.

Work Meister S1 x Advan rubber


Do This!

BN Sports Type II
Game Over.

New Zealand is cool

AND it's street driven like that!

C's Garage Taupo June 1st from Adam Hedges on Vimeo.

Late Nights




Our friends at FATLACE, is launching the Risky Devil & JDM EGO channels soon...!
Feel free to drop on by and check up on updates.

We're all really excited for this opportunity to all get together and work on making more dope shit for the people who appreciate and show love through out



If you've driven Chicago highways... You are no stranger to the classic Yellow cab flying through traffic to get their hotheaded young exec to the meeting on time. This car is kinda the same concept, except give and take a few things. Chicago traffic fighter ha

aka Tomahawk
Spoon Sports x J's Racing x TE37 Sizzurp Purple