Touge Factory Militia

Stance CT9A - AL+ Pro with Swift Racing springs
Touge Factory/Origin USA S14 - Origin Stylish FKT, 1700mm GT Wing, Carbon Canards

V:S Y33 Cima - Version Select V1 FKT - Air Runner air suspension

Stance EVOS!

TF x STANCE CT9A Rolling shot

Daily bruiser


TF EVO X Rolling Shot


Risky Devil SXE10 in Forza 2

Another kat hit me up,David Potts with his rendition of AJs IS300 in Forza 2. Thanks again for all the love.

Heres the real car...


Get this guy to come back to America

One more for the UGHR




Mr. Chobz S14 in Forza 2 Online

One of our readers, Jeremy. Decided that watching videos and photos of Chobz S14 wasn't enough. So he painstakingly recreated the car and the entire vinyl scheme for Forza 2... Thats mad love. Thanks

UK Proper S14

Our friend Alex from the UK, sent us a few more shots of his S14.
Peep it!

Ilia FC3S!


Grip Gamblers..............

Times are flying, rules are changing...
All the kids on the block still have their lunch money, and haven't gotten their weekly bruising.
Grip Gambler 2009?

Some old photos...


Random FC

Clean & Low.
People say GP Sports is played out. In a way I agree...

But most of the time, it looks like crap.
Why you ask?

Usually, its the fitment, ride height and no execution in the end.
This black one certainly has it all.
Let this show you, how GP Sports should be done.


New! FORESIGHT Aero Parts

*limited* cut out style available

Looks like they've been busy working on their new aggressive aero.

BN Sports similarity, with LOW overhang, and super aggresive flares in the right places.

Shit is RAW!


ILL Photography - Night Shots


New Product! Stance Fender Roller!

The Stance Fender Roller will create a cleaner look versus the traditional hammer and baseball bat method. It bolts directly to the car's hub and utilizes an adjustable arm to roll and/or pull the fenders gradually. It will also create an equal radius pull, keeping fenders even side-to-side. The ultra-smooth Delrin roller will also help keep the paint intact better than other rolling methods. Get that extra fender clearance with the Stance Fender Roller. Call to order or email, Special Pre-Order Pricing!


Big L - Devils Son


Rainy Nights


D*Squad in full effect!

I Like Vinyl

Esp. window vinyl, nothing on the body yet. Don't plan on it.
I have a small collection of various japanese drift clubs, rare parts produce. I'm scared to just start slapping them on. :(



One of blog readers from overseas!

Its a rare Sapphire Blue (UK only) - 200SX S14 Kouki
Equipped with Works 9 Aero , UK Spec fogs , and the standard list of SR20 boost up tuning parts.

Its sitting on Apex'i damper on Work Meister 18x9jj/10jj all around, with 275/40 tires in rear.

Best thing of it all, its still on stock OEM metal fenders.

Keep it up, progress is looking good.