Risky Devil x Tall_Mark D Day20


T2 Films x HIN 2008 Chicago



TMF Meats and Grill

Risky Meats and Grill

Street Hero 180!


Mihns Risky Red AP2

VS-XX Flushhhh

Leather Recaro SPGs

Risky Devil Box Social - Lowest Wacker Dr

Rollin Shots of the SXE10


Stance Takochi

designed by Morris J.
now in T-Shirt & vinyl form.
Stop by Touge Factory to get one quick


meet up at Touge Factory and Rotary Knights

Vinyl scheme is dope!

Mikes Origin S14, and C-West x Voltex CT9A with 18x9.5 +12 CR Kais, What!

VIP Q45 leading the pack

Tall_Mark S13
Origin Stylish, Origin 40mm Front fender, Origin Type II Overfenders

GT Wings are for street cars!

Mr Chobs O_o S14!
V:S V1 , Coke White FN01RCs , Stock metal!

Mikes S14!
Origin Stylish , Origin Carbon Canards, 1700mm Carbon GT Wing, burning black Work VS-KFs
One of the illest , OG Kouki face S14s in the US.

Gabe and I finally brought out our cars, chilled. It was crazy, same place almost 2 years ago.
Reunited again. Unfortunately, Gabe had some issues with his tires, so the AW7s could not make a presence, but this is only the beginning of the infamous tale of the devilish FCs.