Hey guys,

BH sez... We should start a ASB fund, so Chicago sez, sure why not.


Finally, we bring what everyone been waiting for, Risky Devil vinyl!

Help us Chicago guys get out to ASB, and we will all promise to drive hard,
and make people happy, cuz really we do it for you guys... Aw. Also this
helps T2 Films get out there also, so there will be dope video coverage!

and... Infamous Grip Gamblers Simba, and Lil Phil. We're all making the long haul

**** NEW DESIGN COMING SOON! Slightly modified. The inners are too flimsy. So don't worry guys. We will re-do the design and ship out the new batch. email riskydevilchicago@gmail.com for Questions.****

Color is white only, sorry guys. White keeps the cost down, while being a good contrasting color. Plus looks COOL and its simple.

Sizing is H-3 in x L-9 in. Not too small, not too big.

Donation for (1) Sticker - $5, and (2) for $9.
Also, there will be a silent donation as well, send anything you got and
we will hook you up, the highest donation will get a awesome sticker pack,
signed copy of T2 Films DVD, by TF, Risky Devil, and Grip Gambler members, 3L's album!!!!

History homies, Lets make it happen

Shipping will be $5, via USPS envelope , so your stickies don't get damaged.
Paypal - riskydevilchicago@gmail.com

Don't forget to leave your name, and full address.

Every batch/wave of stickers will be printed every weekend, so don't be scared if its delayed. Everyone is going to help make these stickers regardless of the insane schedules we have.

Thanks guys,

-everyone from Risky Devil, Grip Gamblers.

Cage X White Castle X Twizzlers Pull n Peel X RD FAM

On most Friday nights, people decide to call each other to go out on the town, party til saturday morning. Well, this is the complete opposite. Car Life.

Just a couple of homies, kickin it, eating junk food and wrenching til 6 in da mornin'. Chobs car has many new holes to play with.

Would you have it any other way?

Peep the photos

finished pictures soon... we accidently ran over the Energizer Bunny...



One Convincing Fellow

There's no way we could say NO...

Touge Factory White Terror

Last week, good weather came around yet again in Chicago.
Touge Factory took advantage, and brought out the their evos, along with Yuta's
infamous white 30R powered monster. Check it out



T2 Films - Risky Devil x Grip Gambler - Street Trials

-t2 tim


Hawaii Brings It Hard With 4 Doors

Discuss the awesomeness


The Itch

Phils car represents the street. Can you tell? I think its the perfect representation.

And this rash represents....yup you guessed it, a rash.
What do these two have in common?
Some people have it, and some people don't


aka jza70, aka ma70, aka mkiii supra, aka "not an mkiv"

I was asked to make a post with some sexy mkiii's and came to the sad realisation that there really are none. There are a couple that make me say "nice...BBBUUUTTT", which is why I have set out to make the most badass mkiii and drive the shit outta it (more on that later)

here are some that are pretty rad


2 Wrongs Make a Right

Terrible photography and Terribly dirty make a good photo

3L - Fresh Water x Positive Beat Sessions

Our friend 3L Phil, check out this fresh track that will be in the upcoming T2 Films DVD release.


Rob in Japan - Touge Life

I'm so happy Rob got a decent camera and got some good footage.
We all miss that guy around here, but hes living the dream. Can't deny...

Check it out!



In Chicago, we call it the " Roll Up "

FEED Afflux V2 x Ganadors x Knightsports hood x Advan RS

gangsta street style FD.

bank roll...

Maybe one day



Crabs cozy cockpit

F-111 Fighter Jet dash panel fitted in Grip Gambler Z31.

Anti-Glare Infrared map light - Check

Nuclear Consent Switch - Check

"Road" Flare Dispenser - Check

Weapons module control - Check

Random photo of someone's wife and kids - Check


Whore'd out AME FS-01

Beauty of running 5x114.3 PCD, and having decent metal clearance on every car...



NSX around downtown Chicago

AJ's been driving this more often, weather has been real nice with Chicago.
Honestly, there nothing better than cruising down Lake Shore, on a perfect night...

Especially in a NSX with a full titanium Route KS exhaust and ARC intake blasting through traffic.



Touge Factory CZ4A x Greddy Spectrum Elite SE

Touge Factory EVOX - CZ4A - Greddy Spectrum Elite SE exhaust.
A quick idle, rev, launch test from T2 Films. Check it out

Sounds so good...

- bruce


Josh and Lil Phil's 180 got me reminiscing.

- Chob

Phukin' Retarded

This car may only be halfway done, but damn it's fresh

Stupid low

Too much sexy going on in this shot, haha.

Shine Sexy Style v1 x Stance x Wed RS-5/Work VS-KF

Tucking, Sparking.
LOWSIDE 180sx.



N.O.B. S15

Not gonna lie, you've prob. seen this car all over the net.
But I like the idea behind this car. Mr. Taniguchi probably has enough money to
buy expensive, exotic cars. I'm sure he enjoys driving them, no doubt. But the fact, he
still loves to drive his own S15 out for a drive once in a while and run shit.

It might not be the lowest, or wildest S15. But everything from the choice of parts, including T & E Vertex Lang, Advan T6, Project Mu , Craft Square, and the clean vinyl placement.

It just looks so good, and practical.

Turn Key Street Machine.

- bruce


AMS Shop Tour

After we featured some shots of the Porsche being built by Frank at AMS, I knew we had to get some more coverage of this car once the build was more complete, but really with everything that's going on at AMS, why just focus on one car? Get the full story and 40+ pictures on my blog:

-AJ (ILL Photo)