3L - Hey Yo Spectacle

3L - The Hey Yo Spectacle from Mr.3LLL Prescott on Vimeo. Hot off the Press.


Honda <3

As you've probably noticed the majority of the cars on here are FR, but considering that most of us came from hondas, I thought this was only fitting... I present our buddy CJ's fucking proper FA5 8th gen Si sedan:

Cars like this will make any ex-honda owner have regrets



09 D1 Street Legal - Bihoku

D1SL Bihoku 2009 Rd1 from Rob R on Vimeo.
Rob at Roadsterdrift just made this. Check it out


Masatoshi Asamoto FD

What a gangsta.
Sportsland Sugo Circuit. Remember him versus Haruyama?
I'm not sure how old this is, found it on Daren blog.

Mazdaspeed GT-C Aero , AVS Model V


Rain Dance

While most of the midwest guys spent the weekend at the DDay in St. Louis, those of us that couldn't make it met up for a little while to mess around.

Josh testing out Chob's s14... Only a genius would go splashing through the biggest puddle in the place with the windows wide open. haha

Prancis was getting stupid angle....... But I have no pictures to prove it.

Mark beasting it up

The boat in its natural habitat... Thanks for snapping the pictures of my car Chob.


DD25 - Saturday Comp

Final Placement
1. Brian Peter Maxxis Tires
2. Mike Pollard TMF Opposition
3. Juan Marquez CM Werks

Juan Marquez was killing it all day. Mike Pollard, was driving his car balls to the wall, and than throwing rusty nails at those balls...killing it doesn't even begin to describe his driving style. But no one could beat out Brian "Mr. Consistent" Peters. Congrats to all the competitors!


Gateway - D Day 25 - 04.17.09 Practice Day

ClubFR presented the 2 day drift event held at Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis. Check out some of the amazing photos!

Grip Gambler.

Team Slip S14- Chris H.

Brian Peter

TMF Opposition - Mike Pollard

CM Werks E36 - Juan M.

Risky Devil - Leigh Roto

Alex R.

Simba showin it , how its done.

Stewart L. drove all the way from Texas to drive the event. Unfortunately due to premature engine failure. He retired early from the event. Hope all is well. Good luck.

Thanks to Keith at Kaizo Photo for the amazing pictures.

More here

DD25 Gateway Friday Practice: Gallery


3L - The Risk / Restart Button

3L - The Risk from Mr.3LLL Prescott on Vimeo

3L - Restart Button from Mr.3LLL Prescott on Vimeo.


G Corporation x Flash S13

I don't really post too many coupes around here, but here is a special one.
G corp aero parts, Ganador mirrors, AVS Model V x Work Equip.





Kandy Kandy M-Sports


326 Power 180



Lemme see them titties

I was looking through old Origin Lab pictures, found a couple of these sweet gems.
Origin/D Drug x Gloss Factory limited print hood. I still think this is the best hood ever.

Wish they still made these.

Roll up, offend soccer moms, drive home with a smirk on your face. Priceless.