04.04.09 COOL Saturdays

So Saturday was an interesting day. I woke up pretty early despite the long, never ending previous night. So I called everyone up, Leigh came by and scooped me up, grabbed some tires for Josh and AJ. We decided to stop by Touge Factory for a bit, banging and scraping everything on the way there in Leighs LOW MA70. I had such a headache but the smell of open dump, and the never ending drone of 1J, actually made me feel better. Weird huh?

Anyways we got there, chilled for a while and got to see everyone get busy for the busy season coming up. Crab stopped by in his Z31... ILL.

We sat around, went to AJs later during the night.
Did some filming, "RISKY DEVIL Cribz" - Coming Soon.
Helped around while he was working on his newly acquired JZZ30.
Then we got tired of doing nothing, so we went out for a bit...

Night Meeting - 4AM - 30 degrees
typical Chicago...

T2 Tim freezing his ass off. Regardless, we were out and getting fun footy.

I did some bullshit filming too. But it was so hard to get lighting in this area. Ugh.

We ended up staying out til 6AM. Luckily, we were cool since there was a giant house fire not too far, and no one gave a shit what we were doing. Whatever, usually we never stay out this late unless its a hot summer night, but this was worth it.

Keep your eyes peeled for some quick edited footage of recent outing.