JGTC GT300 Series Ferrari 360 Modena


400hp@ 8500rpm
00-02 JGTC Competition Car {Retired}
Target Design Aero
Motec Engine Management

Weight: 1160Kg
Tuned: Dentaire Racing Group
Engine: Ferrari Challenge Edition DOHC V8
90 degree
40 Valve
Gauges: MOTEC
Other: 100L Quick Change Fuel Cell, Bride Seats

Transmission: Hewland Sequential
Clutch: Triple Carbon
LSD: Cusco 1 way (for R33 GT-R)

Chassis: Aluminum, Dbl Wishbone Dynamic
Shock/Spring/Sway: Blade Type
Wheels: JGTCT Weds Sport 18x11J +32 (center-locking hub setup)
Tires: 270/650/R18 290/680/R18
Brakes: AP Racing 6-Pot, 2-piece rotors


Target: Complete Aero and Rear Wing

Unfortunately this beautiful race piece of racing history was sold to a private buyer for a $160,000.00 USD, which is quite a steal for a car like this.

Contact Bespoke Motoring if your ready to drop that cash


D-Day 20 @ US Air Raceway in Shawano, WI

clean white Zenki slammed on white CR Kais

FD/Maxxis sponsered driver Brian Peter

TF Dave!


Wutang Ben

T2 Films

CM Werks S14

Roto Bros #1


Tall Mark



Roto Bros #2

Visit Keith @ Kaizo Photo for more pictures


Chicago 240sx Gathering x D*Squad


T2 Films presents Forrest Wangs Full Race S14

Stance x Origin x Full Race sponsored driver Forrest Wang was straight killin' it @ Nopi Drift event in St. Louis last weekend, heres some raw footage from my boy Tim from T2Films
Look for more motion eye candy from him this season, of local D Day/Formula D events this year.

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Risky Devil x Chicago Wangan S14 / FD3S

Ugh... white on red never gets old
INGS +1 aero gracefully accents the aggressive Kouki nose
The red devil FD3S with 99' Spec OEM FD front spoiler, J Spec sideskirts, and 18x10 CCW Classics in silver polish! Say Hella Flush one more time


CW x RD x D*S Society Meeting at Field Museum

Tall_Marks S13

D* Squad 180 rocking 1600mm Voltex GT Wing
Another clean D*Squad 180 with D-Max lighting

Clean Phoenix Yellow DC2 ITR on TE37s