Purple madness

Foresight FC3S, another example of a clean, heavily tuned FC.

Under the Foresight aero bonnet, lies a ERC built sideport 13Bt w/ 3mm ERC seals. Its also using a highly popular TD06-20G outputting close to 380 PS, with 720cc/1000cc injector set up, tuned on a HKS F-CON V Pro. Most of the footwork, is home made by Foresight such as the modified knuckle arms, camber links. All the aero is done cleanly by Foresight. Even with projection headlights it plays it off well, It is very sleek.

This car has the perfect stance, the clean vent less wide front and rear fenders help accommodate the proper flushness, 17x9 +22 18x10 +19 Advan Model V's.

Getting rowdy!


Chicago hashiriya spirit 走り屋!!


R-Magic D1GP Build up

I've always like how this car looked, very aggressive aero and mean look to everything.This year, R-Magic is bringing out their 55' Tsukuba lapping FD3S into D1 GP. Why the change?

Who knows, but all I know is that this FD3S will be mad nice.

titanium intercooler piping soon!

dual fuel pumps, inline fuel filters, swirl pot, and fuel cell.
I love fuel system set ups like this.


ClubFR/Midwest Cup schedule for 2008

2008 Drift Day Schedule

Here is the schedule as of now, some dates are subject to change, most specifically the first April 5th date (once it is confirmed registration will be up).

April 5 - USAIR *MWC*

May 17 - Milwaukee Mile *MWC*
May 31 - RA

June 15 - USAIR

July 13 - Milwaukee Mile
July 26 - Gateway *MWC*

August 3 - RA *MWC*
August 17 - USAIR

September 13 - Milwaukee Mile *MWC*

October 5 - USAIR *MWC*

With that being said, everyone has to get ready this season.
That means people from 03' and up, everyone must make it this year.
Why are you reading this? go back to the garage and get your cars finished, "reliably"

For past event coverage, hit up Keith at Kaizo Photo


New RE Amemiya Touge FD3S & AD Facer FD3S

The original touge master FD3S, ditching the 99' spec factory twin turbos for the Greddy TD0SH6-25G turbo making 400 PS tuned on a HKS Fcon V Pro Standalone, 17'' Enkei GTC01s wrapped with 235/255 Advan Neovas. We'll see how the new set up does against the rival touge entries. Also featuring a fairly mild tuned, boost up RE-Amemiya AD Facer FD3S.

Both sound ridiculously good.


D1 Street Legal - Sexy Knights FC3S

  • ERC Side Port Engine
  • Aftermarket 3 Layer Radiator
  • Aftermarket Downpipe
  • HKS T04E Turbo
  • HKS Wastegate
  • ERC Stainless Manifold
  • Oil Catch Tank
  • Polished Intake
  • Trust Racing Blow Off
  • Aftermarket Ignition Leads
  • NGK R Spark Plugs
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with Earls Connectors
  • ERC Stainless Exhaust System
  • Large HKS Oil cooler
  • Blitz 3 Layer Front Mounted Intercooler and Custom Piping
  • Aftermarket Injectors
  • Mazda Speed Oil Cap

  • OS Twin Plate Clutch Kit
  • Mazda Speed LSD - 4.1 Final
  • Stainless Mesh Clutch Line
  • JIC Magic Full Tamp Coilovers with Camber Adjustable Pilo Upper front Mounts (6Kg Springs)
  • Earls Stainless Mesh Brake Lines
  • FD3S Front Callipers
  • Aftermarket Brake Pads
  • Front Wheel Spacers
  • Lightweight Wheel Nuts
  • Weds SA70 Alloys (F 17 x 9J + 10 , R 18 x 10J + 18 in custom Pink)
  • KSP Subframe Pilo Bushes
  • Pilowball Rear Subframe Link
  • Rear Camber Link
  • Rear Arms Strengthened?
  • Modified Front Knuckles

  • Front Strut Brace
  • Body Fully Spot Welded
  • BN Sports Full Aero (Front, Side, Rear)
  • BN Sports Front Wide FRP Fenders
  • Foresight Rear Overfenders
  • Foresight Roof Tip Spoiler
  • FRP Vented Bonnet
  • Foresight Rear Spoiler
  • Full Body Graphics
  • Towing Eyes Front and Rear
  • Aero Mirrors

  • Re-Amimeya Speedometer
  • Saitou 10 Point Roll Cage (Lagged) with Side Bars
  • HKS FconV Pro
  • HPI 4 Point Harness for Driver
  • Thrash Racing Carbon Seat for Driver
  • Bride Recliner for Passenger
  • Firemaster Flameater Fire Extingsher
  • OMP Offset Suede Steering Wheel
  • Battery Moved to Behind Passenger seat, encased
  • Alpine Door Speakers
  • HKS EVC Boost Controller
  • Defi Meter Controller
  • Defi Electronic Fuel Pressure Meter
  • Defi Electronic Oil Pressure Meter
  • Defi Electronic Boost Pressure Meter
  • Defi Electronic Oil Temp Meter
  • Defi Electronic Water Temp Meter
  • Defi Electronic Exhaust Temp Meter
  • Pioneer Mp3 Player
  • Rear Strut Brace


Marc Guyatt's FC3S

Origin stream looks good.....


Video Option - 156 Tsukuba Time Attack

2007 17th Annual Revspeed Super Battle at Tsukuba Circuit

thank you wikipedia


Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - They Reminisce Over You


Mobb Deep - Gun Love


Hardcore FC3S in PA State

This car ....
Border hood, Panspeed fenders, RE Amemiya FC2000 GT Aero , RE Amemiya diffuser, AIM dash, Enkei NT03+Ms. I don't even know what it has under the hood. But this car is mean!

Normally I don't like yellow cars or the RE front end. But this car is pure illness...