Purple madness

Foresight FC3S, another example of a clean, heavily tuned FC.

Under the Foresight aero bonnet, lies a ERC built sideport 13Bt w/ 3mm ERC seals. Its also using a highly popular TD06-20G outputting close to 380 PS, with 720cc/1000cc injector set up, tuned on a HKS F-CON V Pro. Most of the footwork, is home made by Foresight such as the modified knuckle arms, camber links. All the aero is done cleanly by Foresight. Even with projection headlights it plays it off well, It is very sleek.

This car has the perfect stance, the clean vent less wide front and rear fenders help accommodate the proper flushness, 17x9 +22 18x10 +19 Advan Model V's.

Getting rowdy!