Dday 25 video

-t2 tim


Wait... What?

I cruise through Harlem in an M3. Never pay for parties, say my name and I'm in free...

-Run Free- FC3S

Known mostly for their 86s. But this FC looks good with GT style
GP Sports with M-Sport canards, motorcycle mirrors! - Work Meister 2pc


DD26 - AJ

Most of Risky Devil was at US-AIR D Day 26...only AJ drove haha.

i <3 walls



People look at our blog?

Apparently Super Street does!

Thanks Charles, glad we can make your morning!

I also want to tell everyone that looks at this blog thanks! We love that we can bring you the hottest cars from Chicago, and all over the world. Thanks for looking, and all the support everyone gives!

Some randoms of Phils 180!

Jamie (GURL) took these. I like the car wash photo.
This car is still awaiting lots of new goodies. More future posts soon.


Ganguro street-fashion

Phil just got fresh paint tonight. Its not even close to the final product.



AMS Swap Meet

Every year AMS has a swap meet where local guys can come buy and sell parts, and get good deals on AMS used or overstock parts. This year AMS teamed up with NOS energy drink and brought out masses of people. AMS says they counted about 1000 people in attendance.

A few shots from the cruise out there:

Nick's slammed and stretched gsxr600

Jordache WRX

Some cars from the meet:

CTS-V making almost 600whp, and it's for sale

The AMS time attack Evo X that I featured in the AMS shop tour has come a long way

Chob's ride sitting front and center

Inside the shop... Customer's time attack evo

Evo X taken straight from the dealership to AMS, now track prepped and looking sick

2000 status, clean boosted rex

Clean STI swapped GC8

Dope 510.... Frank approves

RD cats parking hard


Clean purpose-built Mitsus, the AMS specialty

The AMS hearse, soon to be fast as fuck

The swap meet itself seemed to almost get overlooked by the masses of cars

Stance/AMS Evo 8 track car

Another proper AMS Evo X

Kobe DC2

DelRo M3 turning heads

Revgasm, T2 Films, Oots

After the meet we all cruised out to chill and shoot the shit:

Gabe getting intimate

Does this look like a middle aged man's car? Josh's dad keeps it real.

Chob's car is looking too proper on Josh's staggered SP1's, had to snap some pictures: