EarlQHan at Gateway - T2 Films

EarlQHan from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.


spirant drift crew - end of the year video

spirant team has good style, but their group driving spirit is what makes it so proper. . .
check it out!


remember the hot, humid summer days...

SOFRESHNSOCLEAN from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.


T2 Films x Risky Devil - DVD Intro * Teaser

Hope you guys enjoy! Tim from T2 has been pouring his blood and soul into this DVD.
It will be released shortly! You can expect much footage from Midwest Cup D Day, Club FR, Risky Devil. You guys will love it! Enjoy

DVD intro teaser from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.


bruces birthday x risky devil & friends

Dec. 21st 2008

As titled above.
Nothing better than kickin' back with fam and friends.

"Wah Up Ma"

Some guy outside was trippin out , he had a hockey stick and was walking around the parking lot, hitting random shit. So we watched and laughed.

312. V.S.O.P...Welch Grape. Word up!


" 3L "

" J..a...m.....i...? "

" Oh ULE.............. "

" HELLA FLUSH ... offset is really.... everything "

Huey and Tomahawk

" Its yo boi ... Huey! "

" Kanjo Bully"


Big L - 8 Iz Enuff


Good days... then Hell decides to freeze over

How tranquil and nice...


Rob @ Meihan


Meihan Chase! from Rob R on Vimeo.


We enjoy Spirant Club

Eigo @ Spirant sent me this video a while back.
Never got a chance to post it then... but check it out, dope crew, punk rock. Enjoy!

I made it like that, I bought it like that, I'm livin like that


t2 films x origin x touge factory drift team

david lee. eric wortman. simba nyemba. rob riter.
touge factory x origin lab x stance usa x grip gambler drift crew

Midwest PAAAAAMPS from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.


risky devil s chassis x ill photography - summer shots

Some photos by AJ from this past summer.
You might have seen REVGASM 180sx on Speedhunters, but here are the rest.
Chobz Kandy Red S14, and Marks S13 Coupe. PAINT IS GLEEMIN'

operation torch 09''

KIWI State of Mind

How NZ keeps it...
LOW with the gangsta fitment. Take NOTES.

Color is wild.
BN Sports Type II aero, D-Max overfenders, Origin Lab LED tails.
OEM Kouki S14 spoiler, URAS? Vent.

Work VS-XX 18x9.5 -10 225/35/18 and 18x10.5 -31 235/40/18

Powered by a RB20DET making 190Kw/258HP.

Thanks for Joel & Chris @ C's Garage.
Awaiting action shots in 09!!