In memory of Minh Dinh

Life was cut too short for our friend Minh. As we are all saddened by your loss and we hope to recover the lasting memories you left to your family and friends.

We will always remember you

Minh P. Dinh
December 13, 1985 - July 24, 2009

Rest in Peace


The freeway risky devil, why push only for the beat and rush of exciting limit

There's something so subtle and soft-spoken about having a car tear past you on the highway and seeing nothing but a giant wing and WWW. RISKYDEVIL.COM


ILL Photo x IS300 Snap



The SC takes on Thunderdome... Thunderdome wins

I hit up Thunderdome last weekend to try out an oval track and banked turns for the first time, and it was a blast.

Unfortunately, after a few runs my fun came to an end when the crappy stock radiator cracked... We attempted to jb weld it to make the drive home, but it ended up cracking again on the onramp to the highway just a few miles from the track.

So while we waited for AAA, we feasted on our fine dining table.

The tow truck arrived before we finished eating, so we made him wait... And then we thought the day had come to an end.

On the way back to Chicago we bumped into our buddy Kris on the side of the highway... We helped him diagnose the problem, and he ended up having to tow his car back home too. 5 hours after we left the track, we finally got home.


Risky Devil x SF

Day II 8AM:
We unloaded all the cars safely. Then we grabbed breakfast with Mark Arcenal from Fatlace, then we headed to Fatlace store and got a bunch of fresh ass gear.
We chilled in Japantown for a while, and than we linked up with our buddy Daren from HELMSTARR.blogspot.com in the bay.

1630 Post Street SF, CA 94115

Shout out to the Mark and Kenny! Daren and all the chill ass dudes from Nor Cal.



Foresight x RE Amemiya


Riced out Audi

I am by no means an audi fan, but a well done car is a well done car... Nick's S4 has given me a new respect for these cars. From a set of stupid flush Lambo wheels and a fairly basic K04 setup:

To this straight business setup pushing well over 400whp, it just keeps getting better. Look for it causing a ruckus on a local road near you.




Fucking REGAMASTER Evos on a BMW? OK.
On top of that, it rolls on gangsta fitment.

This car is perfect for the rollin' to the club with your homies or a chill drive through the North Shore coast. Its been done, and it graciously hurts feelings.

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Minh 2K

HOT HOT Red - Turbo AP2
Car is simple. SC-S031E powered F22C, Special order Leather Recaros, Carbon roof! and FLUSH Work VS-XX in gold face.