Summer Chillin - T2 Films x Risky Devil

summer chillin from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.




Asphalt Dancer

America needs more of this!


Sexy Knights x BN Sports FD3S

Driven by Sexy Knights - Suzuki Satoshi
This FD has lived a short span in the older D1 campaign, but its surely a looker.

Thanks for Aaron - Pink Godzira for the scan!




Tire POP! from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.


AZ Car Life - III

Carseys FD chillin on an amazing day in AZ.
Motor detail is rad, check out all the flake!

FD3S night meeting...

Owner of this car is Phil T.
You can't really ask more for a practical daily driver.
its flush and looks like it rubs , perfect.


AZ Car Life II

Parks E46 M3.
Gutted interior, Roll Bar, and slicks.

As prestigious as an M3 owners treat their car.
This is pretty straight forward. They are meant to be driven into the ground.
Don't sweat the small stuff.


AZ Garage Life
Carsey FD3S / Weissy Z0-6

AJ's buddy Evo
something like 800whp... Neck breaking all wheel drive launches are cool.


Carseys FD3S RX-7
The " Silver Bullet "


Risky Devil at AZ - Touge Life

Some of the lucky guys in the group actually had a chance to escape the Midwest frozen tundra, for a more relaxed setting. Arizona.

There life is simple.

Keep yourself hydrated, shake your shoes to avoid fatal scorpion encounters, and assemble a night meeting for limit-less desert canyon racing.

Hill Climb is a turbo sport!


Random Dodge Viper - ACR on the streets.
What a badass car, and whats better than running errands around in this thing.


-RWB- Type 964 " Idlers Club "



T2 Films x Risky Devil - DVD Intro (Alternate)


D Money In Full Effect !

Baton Rouge, LA holdin' downnn...

Red 180 from the south, showing some love.
Keepin' it low and cool! Silver AVS Model Vs in gangsta fitment...all on stock metal.


Angry Earl - Running Projects x Comrades FC3S

Wild Cherry Flavor. Lambo doors.... SCHYEA!

T2-Films, and the rest of the Risky Devil gang wanna throw a big shout out to Earl and all the guys in Running Projects / Comrades drift team!

keepin' it scary...

Hate it or Love it... Rx7Club people have seizures from this. HAHA
Earl knows how to put on a good show. World Class Entertainer, enjoy the show!

Check out their videos!

> Running Projects - VIMEO <

> COMRADES - Youtube <


BH goodies

My buddy Brian from PG , sent me a cool array of little detail photos on the 180.

Check it!

D-Max hood... peep hard. YF Radiator cap. Okachan is rad.

Damn...I don't care. Blitz wheels are the cool. New colorway on the Z brakes too.

Red on Black. Nothing better. Bride Zeros fitted perfect inside the 180sx cockpit.

COOL. We need to make more of those, more different designs soon!

Women, Alcohol, Drifting. All there is to life. Bad Human Being.

Learn from the best.