Nas - One Love

How i'm feelin lately... shits been tough, but gotta head up


Stance is now sponsering RedLine Time Attack Series!

Please visit here for more information.

DTMotorsports EVO

Relentless Auto / Double down 350z

Good luck to all our Stance drivers for 2008 season.


Sexy Knights & Friends Racing FC3S

Gotta love the older days of drift FCs.

Notorious BIG Feat Frank Sinatra - Everyday Struggle


Ball of vinylism

Summer daze

Henry calls it Turtle

More updates as soon as he finishes his homework?

Super Silhouette Silvia S11 Group V


Funky Fresh Few - Dimes Got

Electric relaxation. If you can't chill to this song, somethings up.

Time Attack FD3S by OS

RX-7s in Japan, Yeah. This is your typical run of mill RX-7s around there.This one is built for pure circuit racing as well as daily driving duties. Enjoy!

Trust TD06-25G
Trust Exhaust Manifold
Trust Wastegate
Trust Air Filter
Apexi N1 Exhaust
Apexi Power FC and Commander
HKS Type M Spark Plugs
Apexi GT Spec Intercooler
World Fuel Surge Tank and Pump
Greddy Compression Tube
Pulley Kit
Apexi N1 Evolution Circuit Coil Overs
High Capacity Oil Pump
Cusco Oil Catch Tank
ARC Radiator
Engine Damper
Cusco Intercooler Water Spray Kit
Cusco Type MZ Limited Slip Differential
OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
2 x ARC Oil Coolers
Carbing 3 Point Front Strut Bar
Cusco 3 Point Rear Strut Bar
ARC Titanium Sway Bars Front and Rear
ARC Lower Arm Bar
Roll Cage
Endless Front Brake Discs with Braided Hoses
Project Mu Brake Pads
Cusco Brake Cylinder Stoppers
Pivot Start Button
Rays Engineering Volk TE37
255/40/17 rear and 235/40/17 front Advan A048 Semi Slicks.
Greddy Oil Temp and Boost Gauges with control units
Chassis stripped out and reinforced. No ABS, No Air con.


EarlQHan GDB

We mocked up the wing, car is high, but its okay and its almost ready for paint.
This is just a taste of whats to come.

Version Select V1 GDB
Kakumi/Signal Auto Wide fenders.
Origin CFRP - 1700mm GT Wing
Stance GR+ Pro 12kg/12kg Custom valved
Enkei RP03 SBC 18x10 +22 All around,255/35 FK452s. Not your typical GDB fitment. Rad.

Paint? Who knows. Start biting your lips.

Look out for this wide and low GDB, at Redline Time Attack and other circuit events.

2009? Watanabe Service RWD conversion and hes going to drift it. Yea?

Monsters Stitch

Solid color 3 Pc. wow.


R-Magic FD3S D1 development

Looking good so far... I've grown to like their aggressive bumpers and projection lights.

This should be one of the exciting cars to watch in 08' D1 season!


4AGE blaring , angle what?

old school Ueo video, down some touge.
He is super fast and let the video explain itself.
I love videos like these. too bad. the scarcity of them.

Big body sittin on chrome

inline-6 + open dump = Win! Best!


Listen up dunn!

Prodigy feat. Alchemist - Stuck on you

Big Noyd feat. Mobb Deep - Hoodlum

Big L Ft. A.G. & Stan Spit - Holdin' It Down

Raekwon - Criminology


All Japan AE86 Festival at Okayama International Circuit

86 Galore. Prepare to drool and cover your ears.


Jesus on wheels

Chris Haslam. Yes, HASLAMMMMB
Jesus himself, pushing wood.



Craft Company FD3S and friends

One of the hardcore FDs out in Japan. Wearing the FEED Afflux body package, sticky Advan A048s wrapped around Advan TCII/RG/RGII/RS. Yes! wheels are like kicks too. You can never get enough. Can it get any better?

Heres, the KAAZ time attack meter in the CC/FEED FD on TC2000 Tsukuba. Cool!

Fujita Engineering workshop

One liners

Dream car?


Rotary oil. eh?

never ceases to amaze me ...ugh!


Chicago hashiriya spirit II