The root of all evil... the heart

Banzai Racing oil pan brace, Moroso studs

I like shiny things. esp. 13Bs

Break down:
  • Low mileage S5 jspec housings
  • High compression 9:1 S5 rotors
  • large streetport
  • Rotary Aviation 2mm 2 piece apex seals
  • Rotary Aviation side seals
  • Inner teflon encapsulated coolant seals
  • viton Oil Control Seals
  • FD3S Corner Seals

Videos and updates soon... It only has a mere 110 miles on the motor. Still needs a good break in tune and more miles off boost, then the fun begins. Its loud, and it smells funny. This is what its all about, raw turbo rotaries in the purest form.