The Iliad.

So if you can't tell whats going on... I'll cliff note it.

We went to some hot dog joint in off the 355. Cops kicked everyone out, but since we are such great patrons, we were able to stick around and finish eating. Everyone was talking about how FUCKED Lake St was. But I was like whatever, I'll deal with it. So
we're following the mastermind navigator, Leigh Roto. We ended up doing circles around a hotel, then instead of taking the alternate route, we went forth and decided to tackle Lake St, the video shows the entire ordeal. Mind you, the pavement was elevated about 3-4 inches on all four streets in that intersection. Apparently the city of Addison don't care for exotic cars, or low crap.

Moral of the story: Leigh Roto. FUCK YOU. But we still love you.

...Heres a how it should have worked.