A couple of cool FC guys that used to cruise around Colorado.
Some of you might not know about

Unicorn Slide Squad.

Whole crew keeps their cars low....

You can't say you know any other group of guys who rock FCs this hard and
and break aero in high style fashion.

R33 GTRs looks so right.

BN Sports/CR Kais

Some photos from ASB IV.

...Got into a couple of fights , ain't no thang

Quick video!
Travis following CJ

HTM looks amazing....

Heres Travis when he pulled his car fresh from the paint shop.
When car was finished, RX-7 club exploded. No joke.

GP Sports G4 -Gulf Stich 18x10 +11 with 25mm spacer 215/35 , and 18x11.5 +0, w/ 255/35.

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