Chicago Style - Deep Dish.... Porsche!?

So my boy, Josh kept telling me about this crazy, wide 911 being built by Frank from AMS, and his brother... Once I heard this, I had to check it out. Heres a quick run down of this MONSTER!

Its started life as a naturally aspirated 84' Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2L
You could see the amount serious business going on...

Motor is built by Motor Motions, fully built 3.3L with twin plug race heads.
The T4 turbo kit is custom fabricated in-house by AMS, powered by a DTAfast EMS.
and a race-prepped 917 - 4 speed transmission with a Haggart precision race shifter.

Running gear consists of RSR- 935 Rebel Racing x Bilstein coilover conversion, a small company in Morro Bay, CA specializing in race prepped old school Porsches.

Interior is kept simple, and straight to the point. Buddy Club bucket seats, Suede 350mm Sparco Monza steering wheel, Takata MPH341 harness, 4 Pt. Roll bar.

Now... the wheels, the best part. They are ZE Forged - 3 peice, 17x11j front & 17x14j rears, to house the massive RSR flares, Frank told me that they will be running a 335s!

Here are some older pictures before the extensive wide flare conversion...

Here a quick video of the dyno run, 490 whp ~ 16 psi.

Then the gates of hell opened.

Here are some quick teaser shots of how W I D E these flares really are!


All that being said, keep your eyes open for this Porsche this year.
It will be campaigning under AMS, and will be driving at time attack events, and various track days. But wait, theres more... You guys want to know the best thing about this car?

Its going to be a STREET CAR.

If your haven't heard of AMS yet, you've been living under a rock.
They have been around the Chicago-land area for a while now, specializing in
their amazing fabrication, and well executed dyno tuning services, Also known for their world record breaking Evos, and DSM chassis. Everything from Drag to Circuit!

Check them out!

AMS Performance