Risky Devil x HIN Chicago Drift Demo by ILL Photography

Whew... what a day and night of excitement, and passion of everything in motor sports.
This was the best event i've attended to in a while. The essence of the crowd,
the representation of all friends and family. The amount of fun was unexplainable.
Here is the photo documentation, just a small taste of how Chicago gets rowdy.

Photos by : AJ @ ILL Photography

RISKY DEVIL - Chicago Street Club

Drivers : Eric Corvera --Red S14 Kouki
Joshua Maghirang -- Brown 180sx
Mark Calayag -- Red S13 Coupe
Leigh Roto Grey -- JZA70 Supra

Drivers: David Lee & Damian -- Gold 180sx
Sam -- Blue 180sx

Much Thanks & Love to

Risky Devil , Street Hero, DEATH Squad family
Touge Factory , T2 Films, ILL Photography, WORKS Aero, NOS Energy Drink,
Chris Forsberg and Drift Alliance/MAXXIS , P&L Motorsports , KAE Photography, SpeedLounge.com and Simba for bringing us drinks and White Castle. Hell YEA! KAME UP!!1