Keep your eyes peeled. **STOLEN S13**

Sometime on (8/05/08). My good friend Trucky's S13 was stolen from outside of his house. The car was highly modified and was stolen from the southwest Chicago area. He has poured tens of thousands of dollars into his car and countless of hours of working on it. Hes frozen his balls off, and sweated till hes dehydrated multiple times during the cars build, not to mention the hours of overtime to justify paying for the parts. He had just recently finished building it up to his standards and its unfair that some low-life fuck can just show up and take it all away before he could even enjoy it.

If you guys could keep an eye out for the car and its parts we'd really appreciate it. It has many highly distinguishable parts on it that their surely gonna try and sell.

Some of the mods include, Redtop SR motorset with all the boltons, Ebay FMIC/coldpipe, Hks SSQV with custom hotpipe, 3in downpipe, Apexi N1 exhaust, D-drug coilovers(this is one of the only set left in the midwest, you can tell them apart by the remote reservoirs and red/gray shockbody), Blue DT05R wheels 17x8.5 in the front 17x9.5 in the back.(This is also one of the only set of DT's in the midwest right now), Origin stylish side skirts, rear bumper, 30mm rear overfenders, and V:S Ver IV replica G-corp front bumper, Obviously the car also had a silvia conversion with Dual projector headlamps, and oem metal front fenders and hood.

If anyone spots the car or any of the parts DO NOT hesitate to give us a call.
You can call any of these numbers.

D*star 1-815-793-6551
Frankmon 1-773-968-7262
Roski 1-773-603-8484
Rene 1-773-971-6634

They are offering a 1000 dollar reward for anyone who can provide any info leading to the finding of the car if its still intact or the person/persons who did it.

Thanks for your time.