midwest ALL STAR BASH - USAir Day #1

Keep Drifting Fun van headed to the event with equipment, tatted up with vinyl from other states, and documenting the 1st All Star Bash in the Midwest. It was dope hanging out with JH, and hopefully they can come out more often to future street, and track shit. Never gets old.

D*Squad AE86 in the pits
Grip Gambler, brought their some of their wheels from the "CHROME" collexion. If you wear some shades, you can spot the bright chrome AGLE.


686/Emp.Co came out and supported the event. Cool dudes.

TFDave tearing shit up with his practice car, a simple s13 with an LS1. Yea!

Fred came out, with his new turbo set up, nothing sounded radder than a rotary with an external dump! That FC is legit, ARF aero with Knight sports dual flap wing

TFMike dirt dropping the intermediate section of the course.

Simba from Grip Gambler, he was getting crazy and one of his over fenders tore off during one of the runs. Regardless, unpainted and beat, this car is still looking mean.

Mark brought out the R32 GTS, blown turbo, kinked fenders but all in all. A good event he says!

TFWorks S14 driven by Mike, Check out the gangsta dual titanium exhaust. It sounded so mean!

RISKY DEVIL RX-8. That's all.

Kris, getting wacky. Over the weekend it this car got alot of nicknames..." METAL", "SLAYER" and "THUNDER". The exhaust note will make your ears bleed, in a good way of course.

T2 Films x Josh Herron - Doin' work

ASPEC guys from Michigan came out to join the fun!

Ebay entrepreneur, BEN.

NOS Energy came out and got everyone hyped on caffeine, and had some cool RC things that kept people entertained for hours.


Special Thanks:

Kaizophoto - Keith we love you.
686 x Emp Co. - Thanks for all the cool gear!
Shook Motorsports - Ryan the Rotary Savior. THANKS!
Fluid Motor Union - These guys never stop working hard!
Keep Drifting Fun - Josh Herron for coming out here for filming, and hanging out
T2Films - Tim got his nice shirt dirty.

CLUBFR - For making this happen
Touge Factory x TF Works