Smile for Bright Sunny Sundays

Its just one of those early Sunday mornings when you get a text message at like 6AM, you roll out of bed, idle your loud ass car, get some stare downs leaving your sub division, meet up at the local spot...grab your fancy coffee mixed with cream and fancy ingredients you can't even pronounce normally, yet at 7AM... your pretty on point. Focus, you've got a long day ahead of you. Then you wait for your friends who take forever. Normal. Then drive out and on the road your cruising next to some normal people giving you the dirty look again, but this time, these people are going to church and everyone is refusing to follow/drive next to you. Probably because your exhaust sounds like death and your bumper is about swing off and decapitate the nice people behind you. You're a bad kid, just look straight and focus. When you get there, you see some mediocre street corner with oil, coolant, glass, remnants of wrecked body panels scattered over the worst pavement you can drive on, and the curbs are like 10 FUCKING FEET TALL ,yet you're calm and take whatever you get and make it interesting, although your tempted to hit a few cool looking S's near by, yet you stick to this corner... Why, you ask? The mean lady down the street doesn't like us. So here it is, in all its glory. This is the Chicago Street Spirit. No internet live feed, No Fans, Just some beat up drift cars and a people hauler car filled with drinks and camera equipment. Drift for a few hours, and drive home because you have work the next day. Fuck.

Ilia broke something. Removal of body kit was necessary. But luckily he had a spare rod thing, replaced it and drifted some more, and made it alright.

Go drive your drift car on the street, make noise and crash into a pole. Don't worry, it happens. Just be calm for a moment and remember that its Sunday and just smile it off. Plus you get to tell all your friends about and that will keep them entertained for like a week. Pretty cool if you ask me.