This RX- 7 will forever be ultimate in our hearts. This FD has BN Sports aero, FRP front/rear fenders to accommodate the huge chrome 18's. This car makes alot of power with a TD07-T78! , V-Mount inter cooler set up and to handle all the necessary fueling it has a ATL fuel cell, SARD swirl pot/fittings, external 044 twin set up, a Apex'i Power FC to control it and a Stack ST-Dash to keep all the read outs in a cool green LCD with flashing lights. A classic red Bride Zeta II and a Cusco 6 point roll bar for "Safety?" . I mean, what else is there to do? Looks like stock steering angle too. This FD will always keep that extreme bar set for years. Funny gentlemen's drift club, CluBManS