ClubFR Private Day filming by DR. BH of Long Beach, California

Dr. BH has flew over from the Long Beach, California into the heart of the Midwest. To learn, and interact with the wild, and crazy RISKY DEVIL - Street Social Club. He was fortunate to document a few films, to express the feeling of the MIDWESTERN habitat. Enjoy

JOSH risking the Devil... E BRAKE locker room brawl.

Leigh gets so wild in this drift roundabout. Many tires suffered.

Mostly JDM AE86 Corolla Drift skidder, sideways in Wisconsin.

heck out T2 blading with a 8 thousand dollar camera. Wisconsin brings out the big guns. Do you understand that this is a LEXUS that is drifting in front of you?

Leigh is all like, "wahhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sliding, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh driftttt" and then at the end he is all like. "spin out!"

Simba Decided to do a couple runs and then break a transmission. Here is one of them that he did. As you can see, the tires are on fire because they are smoking. SR20DET

Mr. Chobs rides the 2 legged unicorn to the 3 moons of Jupiter in search of boost.

Ilia here does a perfect "drift run". He gets the car all sideways and whatnot. Then after he is doing a total BRODY, he hits the rear of the vehicle on the barriers to produce an explosion of fiberglass related goods. Of course, this means a +18 point increase. Also, because he decided not to stop and cry, there is an additional +10 increase. This drift was rewarded with a gold prize and many cupcakes

So here we have a motion picture of the Risking Devil Josh getting buck wild in his 180SX, full RIGHT HAND DRIVE and SR20 Engine. The turbo spools so fast and it has no hood. Check the sparkles and risk the devil.

Low Side out to the left and right. Don't forget!!!

How many cars are going to slide through a designated course? 4. 4 cars will do a multi-player slam-a-jama round robin dance-a-thon on this video. Please Enjoy Chob as the master of ceremonies.

Oh my goodness! This was almost a multi-car pile up in the wilds of Wisconsin, USA. Apparently BIGFOOT was in the field over yonder. Please keep your eye on the REVGASM car for a rear bumper cover modification toward the end of the video.

Risky Devil does a multiple car semi-truck drift.