US Air Time at Drift Day 28 Midwest

Drift Day 28
US Air International Raceway - Shawano, WI.

KAIZO PHOTO coverage by Keith

These drivers meetings are about minimal safety and driving your car into the ground. Usually.

Oscars AP2 sitting low on SSR mesh just chilling in the pits, bikes off the rack like escape pods.

Jordans S14 is awesome. So minimal. Gloss Black CR Kais finishes it off.

Risky Devil JZA70.
Who the FUCK Leigh lead.

Original TEs is where its at. Never change.

All Star Bash 2010. Just imagine it. GET REAL?

Grip Gambler 86
- NA Style -

Singing Chris's S14
AMERICA. 500 HP LS1 that just SCREAMS!


Full Battle Mode S13

Back in Russia, Ilia used to be a test pilot for MIG fighter jets from the grim grasps of the Cold War. He says the FC3S is a fine choice for light interceptor missions, and short range combat. Trust him.

This is D1 competitor from TMF Opposition "BLACKMAGIC" .
RB25 with ext. gate thats just as loud as Tezukas old JZX81


Satoshi san NB

Tucking wheel is always recommended for intense action photos.

Grip Gambler Onevia
One word to describe this car. Missile.
But there's one catch. This isn't the practice car. Its the actual car. Haha


Downhill Section:

TFWorks S14
Missing: Origin Front Bumper

Most most exciting tandem all day!
Singing Chris V.S. Black Magic

AWESOME event as always!
But, wait there's more. A brand new Genesis with 800 miles...

Thanks for peeping the coverage!