Suja One - Devils Representation

Risky Devil S14 K - Wet Kandy Paint DRIPPIN... .. . sittin' on MAE Riverside Dish

Risky Devil AP2 sittin' on flush Work VS-XX

STREET HERO DC2 on Purple TE37s.

Risky Devil 180sx ... Poo Poo Glitter

Risky Devil E... Class

Risky Devil T04s powered FC3S with custom multi-step RE Amemiya AW7s

Risky Devil GDB with INGs +1 aero and RPF1s. Look for sick color ways on this one in the future.

Another Risky Devil S14 K with INGs +1 aero and Work Meister S1s with blood red centers.

Flush NT03 +M fitment Apex Silver CT9A

A super clean Electron Blue EJ1 with metallic teal RPF-1s!